S a l t    M a r t i a n s

B l u e g r a s s    B a n d

The Salt Martians (whose name refers to the Carpinteria Salt Marsh) are a Santa Barbara-based, all-acoustic bluegrass band, established in 2005. Ken Gaston (lead vocals and guitar) and Tim Mullins (banjo, dobro and harmony vocals) first performed together in the mid-Seventies at the legendary Bluebird Cafe. Aaron Douglas (string bass and harmony vocals) is a recovering rock and roll and rockabilly bass ace. Doug Toews (mandolin, lead and harmony vocals) is our newest member, bringing his over forty years of bluegrass knowledge and playing experience.

The Martians have performed at scores of venues over the last ten years, from the Santa Barbara Mission to the Parkfield Bluegrass Festival, and over five years of Thursday evenings at the Tupelo Junction Cafe and too many weddings and private events to list.

Their combined talents give the Martians over 175 Earth years of playing experience. Their enjoyment of playing bluegrass music together -- from Bill Monroe to the Byrds -- is otherworldly!

Here's a nice shot of the band at the Alisal Ranch in September, 2015.

Tim and Kenny at the Stow House on the Fourth of July, 2014.

The Salt Martians at the Paradise Store on Father's Day, June 15, 2014.

Here we are at the historic Stow House for the 2013 Old Fashioned 4th of July Celebration.

Here's a picture of an earlier version of the Martians at the 2010 Parkfield Bluegrass Festival.

Here's Tim receiving instructions from his home planet.

And here's a sketch of us by Santa Barbara artist Larry Iwerks.

And an oil painting of us playing at the Bacara by local artist Chris Potter.

Here are some candid pictures of the Martians in their younger days.


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